Nutrition for Success

A word about eating healthy -

There is so much information about nutrition, much of which is contradictory, that it can be very, very confusing. Yet, there are some basic principles which, when followed, will totally add to your success in whatever you do. You will have more energy, be able to think better, and have a general sense of well being that you will not have if you just eat without a plan.

Donna's Simple Eating Rules

 1. As a general rule, the closer you eat to strickly raw foods, the healthier you will be.

 2. Avoid white and brown sugar, white flour, and fried foods.

 3. Eat REAL food, as opposed to having a shake.

 4. Eat when you are hungry and for good nutrition, about 6 times a day, and find out the root causes for other reasons you eat.

   a. Stress (Just identify it and find another outlet.)

   b. The food will go to waste. (You would rather it go to your waist?)

   c. You don't want to hurt Aunt Susie's feelings by not eating her apple pie. (By the way, she probably will respect you.)

   d. The children in a third world country are starving. (Is your eating the food really going to help them. I used to tell my mom when I was little, "Send it to them!")

 5. Be aware, even track, what you eat at least a week here or there. If you really want to lose weight, get good nutrition, and track it every day. You just cannot remember and you tell yourself, "I didn't eat that much," when you really DID! The online wight watcher system takes a little planning to get started, but is very fast once you get it set up. In this day and age, it has got to be simple. This will help you to keep track of weird sauces, dressings, and "secret" ingredients that can really add up.

And if you seriously plan to lose weight:

The most current information:

Eating Raw Food

Eating raw food is definitely the healthiest way to go and there is an ever increasing amount of people who are changing their diets.

Is it easy! Not in this society of fast food, eat on the run, yada, yada, yada. It takes careful planning. It is, however, like anything else, just a matter of learning what you need to learn about the food, preparation, and shopping, then going through the learning curve of doing it.

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