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Are You as Persistent as a Baby Learning to Walk?

In this May, 2010 issue, the topic is PERSISTENCE. . .

ONE STEP AHEAD comes to you monthly to give Value in these uncertain times.

1. How many times does a baby have to fall before the parents say to the child, "You have failed so many times and we really do not want you to hurt yourself anymore, so just quit. Stop trying to learn to walk."? As ridiculous as this sounds, parents, teachers, friends, and relatives are constantly saying to children, young people, and other adults, in order to keep them from failing at something the person wants to do, Don't take that class . . . Don't play that sport . . . Don't travel to that place . . . or Don't start that business. It's been said that the number one reason people do not live their dreams is because well meaning family and friends "talk" them out of pursuing their dreams. This newsletter is meant to encourage you to Hold Fast to Your Dreams and Persist Without Exception!

2. Who is Jerry Clark and What is Jerry referring to when he talks about Rhinos?

3. What people, seminars, media, and books are inspiring people to Persist Without Exception.

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Experts Share

Jerry Clark

Speaker at the Sales World Cup

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and really begin to evaluate your assumptions.

Jerry became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20s. Today he conducts personal and professional development seminars around the world. He recognizes that change occurs at the individual level, and he's committed to training others how to improve themselves by teaching peak performance strategies that get results.

Jerry is the producer of over 100 of the most empowering audio programs available in the networking industry, many of which he is also the author, such as The Magic of Colors, Creating Magic, and High Achievement Network Marketing. Jerry's training products are currently being used by dozens of companies in over 35 countries.

His articles appear in many major publications such as Success Magazine, and he is on the advisory board of Working At Home Magazine. Jerry is the founder of AMG Business Group and The International Academy of Rhinology.

Books & Media to Inspire

Creating Magic by Jerry Clark is the CD set with principles which will help you take control of your life.

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Make the 21st Century Magical By Creating A Life You Love!

The basic and cutting edge technology for creating long term positive change in your life is presented in this program.

Over $100,000 and over 14,000 hours were spent by Jerry Clark acquiring the principles, tools, strategies, and philosophies that can produce positive changes in your life.

In Creating Magic you will learn how to:

1. Erase self-limiting and self-defeating thought patterns so you can move towards your goals with less stress, tension, anxiety, and frustration.

2. Expand your comfort zone and take the necessary action to gain the freedom you want.

3. Apply the "4-Step Process" that ordinary people are using to gain extraordinary success.

4. Discover your true purpose and passion in life.

5. Break through dis-empowering Habit patterns and release yourself from the chains of self sabotage.

6. Use the 8 steps to "Unleashing Your Genie" and get what you want from life And much, much more...

Persistence toward ones dreams is only possible if one has a passion for that dream and one listens to their heart, not their friends and family.

Jerry's CD's can be ordered from Amazon also.

My very favorite CD is Jerry Clark's Murphy's Committee Audio Cassette Tape

If you are starting a business and want to understand the ups and downs, LISTEN TO THIS CD. It is wonderful.

Success Principle - Napoleon Hill

Featured Business

Crowd Sourcing International is building a Nationwide Database of license plates and adding these plates to maps so that companies may purchase these maps and get back the cars that people have defaulted on.

Who is the CEO?

Our CEO is an Integrative Technology Guru who has worked with such companies as TXU and Texas Title. He came up with the idea to form a national database of License plate numbers for Lien holders, Automotive Finance Companies and any other lenders who are trying to repossess vehicles on which they have loaned money. These companies pay NARC to obtain a map of where that particular car has been located.

What does a Consultant do in this business?.

Consultants enter 10 license plates per month onto their our own personal website provided by the company. Then they teach three other people to do the same. It is the simplest form of network marketing ever. No Product, No Sales, and No inventory!

'Sound crazy? Do you want to learn more?

Click on Opportunity. Scroll Down and Watch a Quick Video

Health is a Decision

Good Health or Bad Health is your decision. Contrary to what we would like to think, illness and disease does not just happen. It is the result of what we do.

1. REDUCE STRESS - No excuses, just do it. Look at the things you think about. Eliminate some of them that are not serving you well.

As Andy Andrews states in his latest book, THE NOTICER, the character, Jones, tells Walker, a character who is moving through life with little purpose, that "smart people get tripped up with worry and fear." He goes on to say:

40% of all worries are about things that will never happen anyway.

30% of all worries are about things that have already happened

12% of all worries have to do with needless imaginings about our health

10% of all worries are petty-little-nothing worries about what other people think.

8% are legitimate concerns

2. EXERCISE - Put it on your daily schedule just like brushing your teeth. You do brush your teeth, right? There are some things you do everyday, include some exercise. There will be more ideas in an upcoming One Step Ahead.

3. EAT A QUALITY DIET - Besides eating protein, good carbohydrates, and good fat, eliminate white flour, white sugar, and soft drinks, for starters.

4. SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET WITH NUTRIENTS - At the very least, take digestible vitamins, minerals, and quality water. Keep your ph level slightly alkali.

Since you are in CONTROL, you can PAY NOW or PAY LATER.

What that means is that you can choose to be healthy now, or you can spend a lot of time, and money, while experiencing the pain of a diseased body later.

Webinars & Seminars

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Are you hardwired for success? Each of us has a personal money blueprint ingrained in our subconscious mind. And it is this blueprint that will determine your financial life. Unfortunately, your current money blueprint will stay with you forever unless you identify and change it. :

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More Information about Mindset

So what's Next - TAKE ONE STEP AHEAD

1. Clean out ONE closet or drawer.

2. Let go of being "right"and mend a relationship.

3. Apply or ask about a promotion, find a new job that suits you better, or start a new business.

4. Make a Decision! Is there something you have been putting off.

5. Plan a Vacation with your loved ones.

6. Eliminate white flour and sugar today, or do 20 mins., just 20 mins., of exercise at the gym or even on the Wii.

7. Organize, or get caught up on your finances.

There is a really neat tool to get you organized and able to plan what you are going to do in the future. Click on The Living Balance Sheet® logo below and watch the 4 minute video. This is so cool.

For More Information About The Living Balance Sheet®

8. Start a Personal Development program to learn about yourself. There are lots of programs which give you information, but the one which I like that really causes you to look inside yourself are simply two books by Andy Andrews, The Travelers Gift and Mastering the Seven Habits.

The first book, The Traveler's Gift is a fun story, and quick read about a man who travels through time
and learns some lessons which turn his life around.

The second book, Mastering the the Seven Decisions is where the person work on growing as a person begins. There are thought provoking exercises which caused me to really evaluate my assumptions as to who I am. It was life changing!

The main concept we want you to understand is that you are in CONTROL of each day. It has been said that "Life is 5% of what happens to us and 95% of how we react to what happens."

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We would love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell us what you think!

See you next month!

Donna Schwartz