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Do YOU Seek Wisdom from the Successful or
Do YOU have to Learn for Yourself by Making Mistakes?

In this July, 2010 issue, the topic is SEEK WISDOM . . .

ONE STEP AHEAD comes to you monthly to give Value in these uncertain times.

1. Have you ever watched a mother bird teach her baby to fly, or a mother cat with her young kittens? Other species SEEK WISDOM from the older generation. Humans, on the other hand, seem to want to learn for themselves and make many of the same mistakes as the former generation. Andy Andrews states in his book, The Traveler's Gift, "When I counsel with just myself, I can make decisions only according to what I already know. By counseling with a wise man, I add his knowledge and experience to my own and dramatically increase my success. I will seek wisdom!

2. Who is Andy Andrews and What is Andy referring to when he talks about the SEVEN DECISIONS?

3. What people, seminars, media, and books are inspiring people to Seek Wisdom.

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Experts Share

Andy Andrews

Andy is a best-selling novelist and speaker. He has the ability to weave subtle, yet life-changing lessons into riveting tales of adventure and intrigue both on paper and on stage.

Hailed by a New York Times writer as a "modern-day Will Rogers who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America," Andy Andrews is an internationally known speaker and novelist whose combined works have sold millions of copies worldwide. He has been received at the White House and has spoken at the request of four different United States presidents.

Click on his picture and check out the video of Andy speaking. Learn about the Butterfly Effect and how everything you do is important!

If you are overwhelmed with life and feeling down, start by reading a story that will bring you insight into your self.

Books & Media to Inspire

The Traveler's Gift

The first book, The Traveler's Gift is a fun story, and quick read about a man who travels through time
and learns some lessons which turn his life around.

Those lessons are for anyone, not only those who want to turn their life around.

The second book, Mastering the the Seven Decisions is where the person work on growing as a person begins. There are thought provoking exercises which caused me to really evaluate my assumptions as to who I am. It was life changing!

Success Principle - Napoleon Hill

Featured Business

48 Hour Cash Machine is a business where you are on your own to learn and then take action. There are no uplines or downline or people to recruit. You simply watch the videos and do EXACTLY as you are told. Then you work with it and learn it to find out what works best for you.

Health is a Decision

Good Health or Bad Health is your decision. Contrary to what we would like to think, illness and disease does not just happen. It is the result of what we do.

1. REDUCE STRESS - No excuses, just do it. Look at the things you think about. Eliminate some of them that are not serving you well.

As Andy Andrews states in his latest book, THE NOTICER, the character, Jones, tells Walker, a character who is moving through life with little purpose, that "smart people get tripped up with worry and fear." He goes on to say:

40% of all worries are about things that will never happen anyway.

30% of all worries are about things that have already happened

12% of all worries have to do with needless imaginings about our health

10% of all worries are petty-little-nothing worries about what other people think.

8% are legitimate concerns

2. EXERCISE - Put it on your daily schedule just like brushing your teeth. You do brush your teeth, right? There are some things you do everyday, include some exercise. There will be more ideas in an upcoming One Step Ahead.

3. EAT A QUALITY DIET - Besides eating protein, good carbohydrates, and good fat, eliminate white flour, white sugar, and soft drinks, for starters.

4. SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET WITH NUTRIENTS - At the very least, take digestible vitamins, minerals, and quality water. Keep your ph level slightly alkali.

Since you are in CONTROL, you can PAY NOW or PAY LATER.

What that means is that you can choose to be healthy now, or you can spend a lot of time, and money, while experiencing the pain of a diseased body later.

Webinars & Seminars

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More Information about Mindset

So what's Next - TAKE ONE STEP AHEAD

Do just one little something that will not only help you feel good about yourself, but will start you down a path to readh the Ideal You.

For Ideas, click on the picture and/or link below.

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The main concept we want you to understand is that you are in CONTROL of each day. It has been said that "Life is 5% of what happens to us and 95% of how we react to what happens."

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Donna Schwartz