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Local Opportunity Available

ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR Seeks Qualified Professional Sales Representative to Start and Run their own Business Marketing our Products.

     * RECESSION PROOF INDUSTRY, with High residual income potential

     * Major Self Starter/Highly Motivated Individual with Excellent Communication and People Skills

     * Direct Sales & Commission based

     * No Travel outside your established territory

     * Work from Laptop and Phone

     * Flexible Schedule

     * Training and National Sales Plan Implemented

     * Serious Entrepreneurs Only

     * Family Oriented Company Catering to Your Success

     * Realistic Six Figure Plus Income Potential in Your First Year

     * Earn 20% - 60% plus bonuses

     * If You're Seriously Ready To Make a Major Income Shift in Your Life, We Want to Talk to You!

Target Market

1. Success Coaches who desire curriculum for their clients with outstanding content.

2. Corporations who value the personal development of their employees. Our products are a virtual coach for any individual.

3. Commission Based Sales Representatives

   a. Real Estate Agents

   b. Insurance Sales

   c. Any commission Sales Representative

4. College and Professional Sports Teams or Individuals who have a Strong Desire to Succeed in their Sport

5. People who would like to Start a Home Business


     1. Inspiring videos.

     2. A Series of 90 Day Personal Development Courses which are a personal Virtual Coach and can be used over and over. These can include access to a website that provides ongoing lifetime support.

     3. One Day Personal Development Course which supports and goes beyond the 90 Day Personal Development Courses.

     4. Three - Day Seminar held in exotic locations with top speakers who provide life-changing information which supports and goes beyond the 90 Day Personal Development Courses.

     5. Five - Day Seminar held in exotic locations with top speakers who provide life-changing information which supports and goes beyond the 90 Day Personal Development Courses.

Responsibilities and Commission


1. Be or become educated about the principles of Personal Development and Use the 90-Day Personal Development Programs

2. Develop a prospect list within the guidelines of individuals and businesses within the target market who could benefit most from Personal Development Products.

3. Expand the list by marketing locally or on the Internet

4. Contact leads who have responded to the advertising provided by Ultimate Entrepreneur

5. Contact decision makers regarding the sale of the 90-day Personal Development Programs. Communicate the value of an ongoing program that is a Virtual Personal Success Coach with ongoing updates through conference calls, a website, webinars, and/or local training.

6. Optional: Provide training to companies upon request

7. Optional: Contact potential business owners to expand our marketing efforts

Ultimate Entrepreneur

Responsibilities of Ultimate Entrepreneur

1. Work with Sales Representative to determine Target Market(s) or Territories

2. Provide training on products initially as well as weekly updates and ongoing training

3. Advertise in accordance with the time and effort of the sales representative

4. Help Sales Representatives set up Business System for Tax Purposes

We Use The Law of Attraction

Sales Representative Position

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ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR operates with two business models:

1. Resources for Individuals who would like to start or grow a Home Business. This includes the association with RMPM Partners.

From Sales Representative to RMPM Partners

2. A business which contracts Sales Representatives who market products in Personal Development. This is the position which is represented primarily on this web page.

ULTIMATE ENTREPRENEUR is a company dedicated to the

empowering of individuals through Personal Development.

Our Mission:

To empower thousands of people each year to create and live their ideal life


P.O. Box 10569

Bakersfield, California 93389