Physical Fitness for Success

Physical Training sharpens the mind as well as the body.

When you feel good about yourself physically, you will think better and be able to be more creative in the way you run your business. You may want to go to your local gym and sign up for a coach to get you moving in the right direction. There are, however, coaching programs that you can do on your own with either an online program or a program from a book or DVD.

Recommended Individual Coaches and Programs

Roland's Personal Fitness **** Team Beachbody****Roland Brown

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2100 19th Street Suite E Bakersfield, CA 93301

Hi, I’m Personal Trainer Roland Brown, Jr.…I’ve been reshaping Bakersfield bodies through personal training since 1990, and what I’ve done so successfully for so many others…I can do for you! Whatever your physical fitness goals--weight loss, body reshaping, or athletic performance--I can help you achieve them! Regardless of your age or current fitness level, your best body is right inside you…and together we can bring it out.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you, and discover for yourself
what a little time with Roland...can do for your body!

Services Include:

* One-on-One Fitness Training

* Small-Group Fitness Training

* Sports-Specific Training

* Nutritional Guidance

* Weight Management Programs

* Corporate Fitness Programs

Contact Roland Brown Today and Get Fit!

Body for Life Program by Bill Phillips is very doable for the average person IF you just make the commitment. The eating program is great, but if you are female and wanting to lose weight it can be a little vague. Men can usually lose weight faster which only is frustrating to women, but both sexes need to follow the program exactly to have the results of just maintaining good health.

Check out the Body for Life for Women

I recommend using Weight Watchers on Line to track your eating if you would like to lose weight. Be really honest and you will do well if you have simply made the decision and will persist without exception. It's like everything else, one per cent doubt and your out. It is not the diet's that don't work. Most of them work IF THE PERSON COMMITS 100%!

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