Direct Sales

What is Direct Sales?

Can you find people who want to buy your products and or services?

Oh, No, there is that word - SALES! I hate to break the news to you, but if you have a business, you are selling a product or a service. Yep! That's the reality. Somehow, when I talk to people, they think that a business is something else and they seem almost shocked that they have to sell something.

Then I hear over and over, "I can't sell anything." or "I'm not good at sales." Well, if you want to make money, AND control your own destiny, SALES IT IS.

WAIT! Is it possible you have a misunderstanding of what sales is or you have this picture of the used car salesman or your friend who just started their own business with a fantastic product PRESSURING YOU. Do you associate sales with having to talk people into buying or using something they don't want or need?

RELAX! Direct Sales is helping someone solve a problem or make a decision. People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold. If you truly would like to succeed, visit the Market a Business page which refers you to companies which teach you how to have customers and potential business partners contacting you.

In closing this discussion of SALES, I want to bring up one more point. Everybody sells almost every day. If you have children, have you sold them on the idea that it is a good idea to brush their teeth and go to the dentist? What about telling a friend about a new store that has the best deals on shoes, or jewelry? Did you tell your friend about the meal you had at a new restaurant or about a recently released movie because it was the best? You didn't twist their arm to go, just told them. Actually convincing anyone against their will or talking and talking and talking to "get someone to do something" doesn't really work anywhere in life, does it? That's why sales is helping people. Getting some training on Direct Sales might be one of the first items on your list for setting up a business.

Most of the Direct Sales businesses have a similar compensation plan, but all differ slightly. My personal development company, as well as Nouveau Riche, the real estate investors school have very handsome compensation plans for marketing the products, conferences, and education.

In addition, almost all Multi-Level Marketing Companies have products that are of a very high quality and can be sold as Direct Sales which is part of the compensation plan. Remember, get training in marketing so people come to you, as well as, training in having a conversation with people so you can find out if there is a sale to be made.

Personal Development Can you really have a work at home business helping people help themselves?

The business of personal development products is one of helping people help themselves. It is not for everyone, but if you love to see people whose lives have totally changed for the better, the rewards go far beyond the money you make. The money varies depending on the commission level, but when I found this industry I knew it was the business I had been looking for all of my adult life.

Tell us about Your Business System, Donna.

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