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Starting in the financial world of Stocks

You can open your own trading account by going to the websites for Etrade, Ameritrade,or several others, but there are risks. It is not recommend that you take that option unless you have a trained mentor who will be sitting by your side. has an educational program that should fit your needs and schedule. They have online classes in their virtual trading classroom and well as workshops in most states about every three months according to their schedule.

BetterTrades also sponsors a wide variety of trading workshops, seminars, conferences, and live events.

Just go to for the next class.

One student wrote:

I took a 2 day class with Better Trades in Utah. They are in most states every three months. When you take this class, they offer software that they discount while you are in the class. They also include 12 DVDs that are yours to keep.

It started off very scary for me, but after a few months of trading I finally was able to start making money. The software includes a charting program, and an up to date informational website that is very important because it has info on any stock you want to look into. It also has a real time market program which gives you real time stock activity.

I would recommend taking the infomational class first to see if you are interested.

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