Contact Management to Build Your Business

Contact Management is Communication with Customers and Prospects

From the very beginning of growing any business on or offline, a solid contact management system must be in place.  This contact management system helps you keep your clients, customers, prospects, and friends in touch with you.

Have you ever noticed that big businesses are collecting emails?  Yes, they do, and you will grow your business faster if you do too.   This works best if the emails are put into a contact management system so you can tract your communications.

 This helps customers:

1.  Remember who you are and what you do . . .

2. Know  you are there to help them when needed . . .

3. And is a way you can give value by educating them.

Contact Management is a System

Several Good Systems are Available

Contact management systems help you collect the emails and other contact information from your customers and prospects.  This can all be done with an automated system after you take time to set it up.

The latest and best contact system now available is Growmaticly, a relatively new system which allows you to text, email, or call.  It appears to be more expensive than the others, but is actually cheaper if you are using several other online resources, because this site does more than any other.  

Links are available below for a number of systems.

Different systems have different benefits and services.  Some of the other ones include:

1. Constant Contact - Fairly easy to use and is less expensive if you have large lists.  They also have a way to add contacts by having prospects text to a number and put in a code word.  Depending on your target market, this can be very helpful.  Although newsletters and emails are very professional looking with beautiful brilliant pictures, other companies have more options and may be a little bit easier to use. 

The next two are similar, but do charge for increasing numbers of contacts on your list.

2. Get Response - Get Response has an awesome array of templates with beautiful pictures and many ways to put together emails, newsletters, landing pages, forms, and surveys.

3. AWeber - This is also a great contact management system, but was a little behind the others adding some of the features. It has been improving greatly over the last few years.

4. Mail Chimp - This one does not have as many options but is a great way to start an email list because it seems to be the easiest to set up.  They were purchased by Intel so changes may be coming.

Many, many others exist for larger businesses as well as custom software included in websites of companies.

The ones listed above are ideal for starting a small business, but certainly are not the only ones available.

Recommended Contact Management Services

Constant Contact

Get Response

Get Response also has Lead Pages
(Also known as Opt-in, Squeeze, etc.)

In order to increase your contact and prospect base, using a Lead Page which is also known as an Opt-in Page, a Squeeze Page, etc., will help you advertise and market your business.  This can be a separate page or a link on your company website.  You can also have a url that points to your lead page which can be on your business cards, or a link you can past on your Facebook page, LinkedIn, or any other place your would like to advertise.  In this way, customers and prospects can come to you instead of you having to always look for new customers or clients.

Get Response is one of the best Contact Management systems on the list.


Contact Management with Email Marketing

Another excellent system is AWeber. Use a good all around tool for marketing and keeping track of your prospects and customers like AWeber or even Get Response. Although there are many different ways to do this, the one recommended here does it all and works for most businesses.

Mail Chimp

Customer Emails are Like Money in Your Pocket

After you have collected emails of your customers, and prospects, you can set up regular emails called autoresponders, send newsletters, special announcements of events, and receive their responses back.

Writing emails, however, for your contacts can be overwhelming.  Check out the tips from What to Write on the link below.

Other Business and Office Services

Phone  and Internet Communication Service


National Calling

Highly Recommended Telephone Service: ACN, Inc.

Local, Long Distance, Mobile, and much more . . .

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International Calling


Zoom has become a major player in over the internet communications.  Meetings, in-personal conversations, as well as webinars, are possible using this method.

What's App

What's App is used around the world and has become a major player in phone and texting  communications.  Meetings, in-personal conversations, as well as webinars, are possible as this App continues to expand its services.


Highly Recommended Phone Service: Skype for International calls

Note: SKYPE is not for Emergency Calls and should not be your only service.

When doing business in other countries, you may want to have a local phone number for people to call. These are inexpensive through Skype and the phone will ring at whatever line you choose. This helps people feel more comfortable calling a number in their own country.

Free calls over the internet

It’s what Skype’s made for. Make free Skype-to-Skype calls – 24/7 anywhere in the world. 

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