Marketing a business means attracting people to you who want to be your customer or business partner. The Dale Carnegie Sales Course teaches that sales is helping people solve a problem or helping them make a decision. Yes, I said the word sales. Marketing results in SALES. That is how people make money. However, people love to shop, but they hate to be sold! So, let me tell you what sales is not. It is not talking to your friends and family and being pushy trying to convince them to buy your products. Yes, if you believe in your products and believe in yourself, offer information about your business IF THEY ASK YOU FOR INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS OR BUSINESS. Otherwise, talk to them about what you always talk to them about and enjoy the friendship.

So, how do you find people who are looking for you, your products, and your business who want to be entrepreneurs?  Networking is about building relationships in person or online

Networking with Other Business People

No matter what business you choose, whether you have products to sell or services to provide, you will need customers.

There are two types of people:

1. People you know. 

2. People you do NOT know.

Therefore Marketing your business starts with these two groups.

Remember, this is a business, not a hobby (unless it really is). This is work!

1. Consistently making contacts or marketing calls.                                                                                                   

2. Set Appointments

3. Participate in Overviews or Presentations

4. Track your work by keeping records of who you called, what you talked about, as well as how many you called.  Check this against your goal.

5. Be coachable and have a weekly call with an accountability partner.

Warm Market for Networking

Warm Market People you know.

Who do you call?

1. Warm Market
2. Networking (Full time is 20 hours per week.)
3. Referrals from successful people
4. Nonprofits 
5. Home Based Business People
6. Businesses 

Networking Turns Cold Market into Warm Market

Cold Market People you do not know.

 Networking (Full time is 20 hours per week.) Networking Ideas

Do those things you enjoy and you will meet people with whom you have things in common!
Organize an event! Build your business around your life.

Building a Business is Work plus Networking

Work is: (5 to 20+ Hours per week)
1. Setting Appointments
2. Participating in Overviews
3. Coaching/Helping Team Members do the first two items above.

Networking with Warm Market & New Market: (5 to 20+ Hours per week)

1. Visibility – Be among people. Show up, attend, join, lead, etc.
2. Credibility - Build Relationships. Listen to others and get to know them. Find out how you can help people. Don’t rush it. When the time is right, Say, “I have something that could help you. Could I call you tomorrow?” Call when you said you would call!
3. Profitability – Call them and set appointments.

Where Do I Go to Network?

Community Events

Farmers Market
Garage Sales
Craft Fairs
Events to raise money for cancer, heart association, diabetes, etc.
Visit Parks
County Fairs
Medieval Faires
Neighborhood Get-Togethers
Political Organizations
Restaurant Events: Taco Tuesday, Wacky Wed., Happy Hours, etc.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner with friends
Greek Food Festival
Wine Festivals
Competitions – Cheer, Dance, Chess,

School Events (Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighborhood children, find some children to help)
Back to School
Open House
Fund Raising events
Sporting events
Help in the Classroon
Volunteer to Read to Kids
Parent/Grandparent Club

Sororities and Fraternities,
Community Service Clubs (Lions, Exchange, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.)
Hiking, Volleyball, Skiing,
Smooth Dancers
Square Dancing
Book Club
Gourmet Clubs
Real Estate

Religious Groups
Church or Temple
Bible Studies
Camps as a counselor or attendee
Social Activities

Sports (Help with the events even if you don’t play the sport.)
Soccer games
Volleyball games
Football games
Basketball games
Baseball or Softball games
Wrestling matches
Bowling League
Tennis Matches
Golf Tournments

Exercise classes
Walking group
Hiking group
Play a sport: soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, softball, bowling, tennis, etc.

Public Speaking

Business Connections
Chamber of Commerce (City, Black, Hispanic, Areas like North of the River)
Networking Groups

2. Referrals from successful people
3. Nonprofit Organizations
4. Home Based Business People
5. Traditional Business People

Online Networking

Building relationships is not just in person.  Online communications on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, and dozens of other sites is very effective!

Lead Generation Marketing Tools which lead the way for Building Your Business are companies like MLM Lead System Pro which is a way to build relationships with people all over the world.

Many More Marketing Resources 

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